Creation service / plastic pinball reproduction

NEW: Plastic cutting service. Do you want to make the visual part of your decor yourself? We offer cutting plastic alone. You will then receive a new transparent plastic, cut according to your wishes !!!

Price 5 to 10 € depending on the size and complexity.

Is your decor damaged, broken, or missing? Can't find it on the internet? forced to buy a complete kit or to pay excessive shipping costs because buying abroad? Want to personalize a plastic decor, a sticker? to create a "Mod"? A key chain on the theme of your pinball machine? You can buy your decor directly if it has already been made, otherwise we can make it for you. Just fill out the form available here:

Form about reproduction or create a pinball plastic

Warning..... It is impossible that our reproductions are 100% identical to your other decorations for several reasons ... - Our reproduction technique is not identical to the original one. - The color chart is not identical, moreover it is almost impossible to find the right color from a simple photo or scan. Finally it is enough that your decorations are washed out, have taken the sun or other so that their original color is different .... You just have to go on the net to see that all the reproductions are "different" from the originals in terms of colors or graphics, or even between 2 reproductions from different suppliers ... But we do our best to reproduce the original colors as closely as possible.

We can create or reproduce all kinds of plastic decorations. For any creation, please leave us your instructions, your patterns and size of the decor to create. For any reproduction we need one or more Scans of your decor (s) in PDF format. For this you just need to use a printer with a scanner. You can also send us your decorations if you do not have a scanner or if you do not know how to do this scan. Once your request and files have been received, we will contact you shortly to give you a rate. Prices generally vary from 7 to 35 € depending on the size / complexity of the decor. The shipping costs are 5 € whatever the number of decorations and the size (sending with tracking).

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